Store Energy

As the British national grid ages and continues to supply energy to France and the Netherlands via transmission grids – with further plans to build two new inter-connectors between the UK & Belgium and the UK & Norway – it is estimated that it would cost £30bn to modernise the national grid. Currently, the government does not the resources to carry out an upgrade.

With the decreasing power, the probability of blackouts, power surges and electrical noises affecting structures requiring heavy energy supply will continue to increase as the grid deteriorates.

Producing and storing renewable energy to minimise and maximise on-site demand is the future of energy production as these problems remain to cause a problem to many public sectors.

Store Energy
Our Energy Storage Solution

Our Energy Storage Solution

UK Energy Watch’s Energy Storage Unit stockpiles energy produced by solar panels for later use. This protects sectors from future government plans relating to the interconnected network.

Once the storage unit is installed, our smart web portal will allow the intelligent control unit to take care of itself. It uses its algorithm to choose whether generated energy should be stored, consumed, or topped up from the grid, set to do whichever will prove most cost efficient.

Advantages of Storing Energy

  • Environment: the bespoke Energy Storage Unit has no emissions, so it can be placed anywhere without any immediate environmental or air quality impact.

  • Cutting cost/maximising time-of-use rates: energy storage systems change the intake of electricity from expensive periods of high demand to periods of lower cost electricity when the demand is lower.

  • Seasonal changes: during the winter months when the days are shorter, solar panels are unable to produce as much energy due to the lack of daylight. Storage systems free up stored energy for use when the panels are not working at optimal level.

  • Emergency backup: having an Energy Storage Unit provides the option to use it as an emergency backup infrastructure.

  • Independence: storing energy reliefs the reliance on the national grid whilst also improving the general effectiveness of the power grid, as it accelerates the broader consumption of grid energy elsewhere.

Advantages of Storing Energy
Energy Storage Flexibility


Our personalised Energy Storage Unit gives the consumer the flexibility to accumulate energy for potential use or distribution.

Along with the Storage Unit we can provide you with a meter that tells you when a lot of energy is being used.

This information will allow you to switch to the stored energy when you are normally relying on the grid to provide power. This would be times when the building is in full function.

The meter also allows the storage energy to be self-sufficient turning itself on and off.

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