Solar PV

One way to be energy sufficient by generating your energy is certainly through applying solar panels on your business, school, home etc…

The energy generated by solar panels can be used to power all your electrical products with no issues, nothing will change only where you get your energy from.

Solar photovoltaic allows you to reduce energy bills and get income from the government for generating extra energy to the grid, this payment can last for 20 years. This is done when energy created by the solar panels is converted to an alternating current which is safer and more stable. This passes through a power inverter which can send it to the national grid or be used locally.

Solar PV for Schools

Technicalities of Solar Panels

They are made up of many small photovoltaic cells that are linked together like a sandwich to convert sunlight into electricity. It is composed of one or two layers of silicon which is a conducting material.

When light hits the cell, it generates electric fields across the layer this is what creates the electricity flows. The more light it gets the more electric flow it will get.

Kilowatt peak, kWp, is the amount of energy the PV cells generate inn full sunlight.

Improvements are currently being made to the sell to allow it to harness ultraviolet and infrared rays which are invisible spectrum lights, to improve its function.

Generating your own energy is good and sending it to the grid to get extra coins is also great but what could be a true pocket saver is having your own energy storage unit, which we also provide, and save enough energy to use perhaps next month taking away 80% grid reliance.

School Solar PV

Schools, Academies & Higher Education

With the weight that schools carry of the demanding budgets our Led light fittings can provide a freedom that will be felt from day one. We provide indoor and outdoor lighting for schools, academies and higher-level education institutions, such as colleges and universities, with as minimal intrusion as feasible.

NHS Solar PV

NHS trust

Throughout the UK a lot of funding for hospitals is predominantly used on electricity due to the high number of electrical appliances within a hospital. We slash the electric bills significantly with our smart meters and lights, leaving the money available to improve hospital wellbeing and equipment.

Office Solar PV


With the different lighting options available to our customers, UK Energy Watch has the different solutions for all types of office sizes. We can offer retrofit LED replacement installs to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs to refurbishment and new builds that our team will handle from start to finish.

Retail Solar PV


Our experienced design team can provide detailed designs to ensure that a desired illumination level is met for the particular retail business, considering the light that is entering the room, room space and location of the property to make sure your business stands out the glow it deserves.

Warehouse Solar PV


UK Energy Watch has LED lighting answers for all types of warehouses, from food storage warehouses to warehouses used by employers as a company base. We understand the target requirements set out by the government through the Paris Agreement and we guarantee that those goals will be achieved through our expert service.

Solar PV for Industrial


Before putting our plan into action for industrial sites, our designers will work on a plan that gives the best lighting, both indoor and out, so that employees can have best working conditions available 24/7.

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