Warehouse Intelligent Controls

This type of control work with a variety of devices i.e. tablets, smartphones etc… The control allows you to switch off and on light and even add another user to control other zones of the building.

The smart light controls are also self-sufficient, they have sensor that trigger the lights to turn off/on when they detect movement in the room. These are called occupancy control and absence controls.

The lights harvest natural light and it dims when there is too much natural light in the room so the amount of light in the room can be even.

Installation and Design

Our team will design the best fit light for each room placing the controls in the places where they are more necessary.

UK Energy Watch is always looking for the most up to date light solutions for our clients. The latest news on light controls is light fidelity, referred to as Li-Fi. This control is similar to Wi-Fi but the data is transferred through light and not radio.

This is a partner for the Wi-Fi rather than a substitution.

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