LED Lighting for Warehouses

Warehouses can book an energy efficient audit, this will allow you to see how much you will be saving. The extra money available can help you fund your project.

The lighting system has a life span of 50,000 – 70,000 hours which equals to 6-10+ years, and if any damage or unexpected failure occur businesses will relish the 5-10-year warranty we offer.

LED Lighting for Warehouses

Our Process

Our experienced team will manage the funding application and design a detailed lighting plan to ensure all the desired and required needs are met.

Our climate friendly and energy efficient LED luminaires lights provide a natural clear light that can be adjusted to a preferred temperature without any performance issues.

We also offer varied range of smart light controls that will help make further bill reduction.

Warehouse Specific LED Solutions

Whilst we offer similar services for offices, retail shops and industrial sites each project is tailored to the specific sector.

For example, we would install IP rated High Bay LED lights for hazardous areas of a warehouse that need a higher level of visibility compared to elsewhere.

Along with High Bay lights we have a wide range of lights available.

Start Saving Energy!

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