Energy Saving Solutions for Warehouses

UK Energy Watch offers you an energy efficient audit to determine where the major energy costs come from within your building and how much you could save in each area by switching to LED lighting. We provide our services to refurbishments and new builds.

We guarantee improvement in your energy costs and improvement in energy efficiency.

After this we have other three steps that will further reduce your energy costs which are smart controls which work with the LED lighting system, solar panels and energy storage. If funds are an issue you can utilise our zero interest, no up front and bi-annual loans.

Energy Saving Solutions for Warehouses

LED Lighting for Warehouses

We have a range of LED lighting that suit your needs. We can bring samples in to help you on your choice.

LED lighting does not require a lot of maintenance as they can last for 50,000 to 70,000 hours which equals to 5 – 8 years some lights can reach 10 years if well cared and with an application of our smart light controls.

The controls are an essential add up to the LED lighting system as they give you total control of the lights no matter where you are.  One of the smart controls we have are the occupancy controls which turn the lights on/off when they detect movement in the room.

Solar PV for Warehouses

We provide solar panels that will allow you to generate enough energy for all the buildings enough energy to use and save.

If you have a big piece of land we can always provide you with a solar farm, they do not require much cleaning.

We provide you with a 20 year warranty and might not even need this as solar panels can survive more than 20 years, basic maintenance will be keeping the panels clean.

Battery Storage for Warehouses

Battery storage is the next big step, where you are able to store more energy than what you did on the solar panel and save to be used in peak times, giving you excellent flow of energy.

We also offer a meter which will allow the battery storage to be self-sufficient and make you aware of how much energy you been wasting.

Start Saving Energy!

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