School Intelligent Lighting Controls

We understand the pressures that schools face when it comes to delegating their funding, so part of the service we offer for energy reduction is the integration of smart lighting controls.

Occupancy sensing lights, daylight harvesting lights, full-range dimming lights, software-controlled system are our recommended smart controls that would greatly benefit each department.

These different technologies work well with our LED installations to ensure that schools continue to decrease their energy bills.

School LED Lighting Smart Controls in the Classroom
Health Benefits of LED Lighting

The four recommended smart lighting controls are just some of the new and innovative controls that we offer to schools.

  • Occupancy Settings – these smart controls use motion, presence and absence detectors to identify movement within a room, before triggering on/off the lighting system. These sensors are a perfect for classrooms and offices due the amount of going in and out and occurs these rooms.

  • Daylight Harvesting Lights – the main advantage for this lighting control is that they work alongside natural daylight to provide a consistent, energy efficient light throughout the day. This lighting control is a seamless fit for the art & design department.

  • Full-Range Dimming Controls – not only will dimming controls help preserve the life of LED lights they provide a silent and smooth operating system that will stop screen glares during presentation or computer rooms.

  • Software-Controlled System – this service is provided through mobile & tablet application to allow the user to control the LED lighting system on the go. A major benefit schools get from this software is that multiple users can be added to control different zones of a building.

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