Retail Solar PV

To understand the figures above you could see 150Ibs as 69 kg and 300Ibs as 136kg.The difference you could make by generating such a small amount of solar energy is giant.

UK Energy Watch can help you make part of the ‘saving environment’ team, something that everyone is adhering to in today’s world. Many want to save the world after the alarming figures which show how our greenhouse gases are getting extinct quickly.

These extinctions are forcing oil prices to rise and therefore their use is unreliable but the energy you generate through solar panels is reliable as long as the sun shines, which will be for many years from now.

Retail Solar PV

How Does it Work?

Solar photovoltaic is composed of many photovoltaic cells that combine to shape the solar panel. These cells harness solar energy or any type of daylight to transform into energy.

The fact they harness any daylight allows them to work in cloudy days they only need the light even if you don’t see the sun.

Our team will place the panels on the rooftop of your building but if you have a bigger land we can always give you a solar farm.

The solar energy generated can be used to power any electric device in your business.

UK Energy watch does not stay behind in the game so we are aware of the improvements that are being made to solar panels to allow them to harness infrared rays and ultraviolet that are invisible spectrum lights.

This new function will improve the solar panels and we will be on it as soon as it is done. We eager to offer the best service to our customers.

The solar panels come with a 20-year warranty.

Start Saving Energy!

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