Retail LED Lighting

Think, how much could that increase in sale be when you are saving 60% – 90% in energy costs.

Don’t leave it as a mere thought but make it happen by installing our LED lighting system. They are perfect to attract customers wherever they are placed. The savings you accumulate through this change can be used for other needs in your business.

The audit carried out at the start will help you view how much you can be saving by switching to LED lighting.

Retail LED Lighting

Our Solution

We provide you with LED lighting that reduces your energy bills but is also modern, aesthetically pleasing and don’t require much maintenance.

LED lighting reassembles natural light but we also provide many different color temperatures, you can request for samples of the range of lights we have.

Our team of designers will provide quality and best fit light for your establishment, ensuring to meet all your needs.

LED lights last from 50,000 – 70,000 hours this is equivalent to 5 – 8 years, some can even go for 10 years depending on how is being controlled.

We offer a minimum of 5-year warranty.


The LED lighting, we provide fill any type of light requirement in retail from security, safety, external, car park, cleaning, stock replenishment, mood or theme, and display lighting.

Resent figures that present a steady fast decline in greenhouse gases LED lighting seem to be more reliable as they do not require any greenhouse gas to make light.


In conjunction with the LED lighting we advise our customers to get smart light controls which further help with saving to know more about the controls 

Start Saving Energy!

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