Retail Intelligent Controls

The smart controls tailor made for our LED lights will allow you to have total control when it comes to reducing energy costs.

The light controls are useful for different things this making each control useful for different areas in your business.

The smart controls can be used in areas that are not used the most:

  • Stockrooms and storerooms
  • Toilets
  • Meeting rooms
Retail Intelligent Controls

The many functions the smart light control have:

  • Daylight harvesting lights – This control work with the natural light to give you even-light in the building. They dim when there is too much light coming from outside, every time it deems it uses less light.

  • Occupancy settings – This control depend on someone’s presence as they trigger the lighting system to turn on and off. This controls are motion, presence and absence detectors. They are perfect for areas with less access.

  • Full-range dimming controls – They are similar to the daylight harvesting light controls but the difference is that this one’s function with everything else in the room. They help i.e. stop screen glares for in presentations.

  • Software-controlled system – This service can be provided from a variety of devices i.e. phones and tablets. These devices will allow you to control your light system from wherever you are which is useful when lights are left turned on.

  • Li-Fi – Light fidelity is similar to Wi-Fi but they use light to transfer data. This is being used to advertise sales/product once customers enter the shop utilizing their location.

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