Energy Saving Solutions for Retail

Turning to energy efficient option can help retail businesses to increase income without having to increase sales.

At a time where customers are more and more aware of environmental issues, the choice of a retail that is environmentally friendly is becoming a must.

The services we provide for retails such as LED lighting system and energy controls are part of the reduce energy cost starter pack for all businesses. This making you part of customers environmentally friendly list.

We also provide solar panels to help you generate your own energy and Unit storage that will allow you to store the energy you have generated.

If you cannot afford to pay for the project upfront, we offer loans to help fund work.

We will manage the application process to make sure everything goes smoothly. Before repayment start you will already have savings from the new changes you adhered to. These savings can be enough to repay the services catered to you.

Energy Saving Solutions for Retail
Retail LED Lighting

LED Lighting for Retail

The LED lighting, we provide are of high quality to provide you the lighting you deserve, want and expect.

They mimic the natural daylight but we also have available other colour temperatures which give a modern and aesthetically pleasing look to your business.

Lighting Controls

Another addition to the LED lighting system is the smart light controls which will further add 15% to your savings.

There are many controls we can offer to know more about them click below

Retail Intelligent Lighting Controls
Retail Solar PV

Solar PV

Driving down the savings lane we stop at solar energy as it is one of the best ways for retail businesses to generate their own energy.

Solar photovoltaic harness the sunlight and daylight and convert it to energy, to be used around the building and feed any electric device.

To know more about this way of generating your own energy click the button below

Battery Storage for Retail

Our final destination is on how to store energy?

With our adapted Energy Storage Unit, you can store energy to use on peak times to ensure excellent functionality of your electric devices all day long.

This storage unit works along the solar panels which work along with the LED lighting we provide.

To know more on how you can store generated energy click below

Start Saving Energy!

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