Office Solar PV

Generating your own energy will allow you to escape the energy rise as you will be relaying mostly on what you have generated then the grid.

The energy prices are increasing due to the new facts which reveal that greenhouse gases are ending in a speed we cannot control, this due to high demand.

According to Ecotricity by 2091 the structure of fossil fuel as we have it now will be non-existent with oil being the first one to end by 2051 and then gas in 2061.

Turning into solar panels will be a must closer to the dates revealed above. If everyone starts adhering to solar panels now the life of the fossil fuels can be prolonged.

How Does it Work?

Photovoltaic cells are what comprise the solar panel, these cells feed of solar energy or daylight and transform the light into electric power.

The power generated can be used to power any electric device around the office.

Our team will place the panels on the rooftop of your building if you have a big land we can provide a solar farm.

The solar panels we provide are manufactured and come with a 20-year warranty.

Improvements are being made to allow solar photovoltaic to harness ultraviolet and infrared rays, invisible spectrum lights, once done we are adding it to our services.

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Start Saving Energy!

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