Office Refurbishments and Workspace Transformations

Smart office solutions and a fully managed bespoke service including:

  • Smart Lighting Control Systems

  • Commercial Office Interior Design

  • Vinyl Corporate Office Wall Graphics

  • Window Vinyl Graphics

  • Solar Control Window Film

  • Glass Manifestation

  • Office Refits

  • Office Interior Design

  • Space Efficient Office Furniture

  • Smart Wireless Lighting and Heating Controls

  • Solar Photo Voltics

  • Infrared Heating


Smart Technology driving Intelligent Business

Combining design, ideas, solutions and technology to create an efficient and smart workspace. 

  • Intelligent LED Lighting

  • Zoned Lighting Controls

  • Zoned Temperature Environment Controls

  • Air Purification Sensors

  • Audio and Visual Systems

  • Energy Monitoring and Reporting

  • Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)

  • Solar Temperature and Glare Control

  • Heating Automated Thermostats

  • Self testing and reporting emergency lighting

Chamber Low Carbon Grant

Did you know you can access a 30%-50% grant towards energy efficient technologies such as LED Lighting for your project?

As office refurbishment specialists, we strive to provide an outstanding service and premium solutions that can transform your working environment.

Our mission was to create an efficient and smart environment for our staff and customers that improved their well-being and productivity. UK Energy Watch helped us to create a cool office space using intelligent and state-of-the-art technology; and we couldn’t be happier with the finished project!

Xtra Technologies


A national team of consultants, planners and designers specialising in a wide range of commercial and public sector projects.

We are passionate about transforming work spaces. When a business team can work in a space which inspires them, creativity and productivity increases, it creates a happier workplace environment and employees feel a greater sense of wellbeing whilst at work.

The effect of all this is an increase in results for the business.

Investing into your workplace environment and your people is one of the greatest investments you can make which can have compounding results for your business operation.


Our focus for each project is to deliver a workspace which is inspiring and efficient, both in terms of energy and resource efficiency and in creating a space which drives efficiency within your people and your business operation.

Modern Office Interior Design & Planning


Inspired Work Space Design

Create an innovate office design that reflects the company’s brand and vision, inspiring positive employee engagement experiences.

Building Energy Management System


Energy Management

Gain visibility into how your workplace uses energy; minimising risks, reducing consumption and costs. Transform your business operation with innovative technology.

Intelligent Connected Business Technology

Intelligent Connected Technology

Smarter and connected technology can transform your business model and lead intelligent transformation.

Our specialist team are ready to help you with your workspace transformation.