Office LED Lighting

The difference that a LED lighting can being to an office place is unenviable and necessary. The saving it will bring can be utilise to help in many other needs. The difference will be felt after the service is provided.

An energy efficiency audit will give you knowledge of how much you can be saving by switching to our LED lighting in each room.

Installation and Maintenance

Our team ensure to put the best fit lights that area of high quality for each room, including smart light controls but that comes later.

According to the US department of energy switching to LED lights will save hundred of millions of tons of greenhouse gases from getting into the atmosphere.

LED lighting is said to be one of the best options when you want to save on your energy bill and help the environment.

They last for 50,000 – 70,000 hours this equals to 5 – 8 years but some lights can last for 10 years if they are left off when not needed. The light’s come with a minimum 5- year warranty.


The change to LED lighting can help your staff as studies show that lighting can affect the way people work. A place with higher quality light is shown to improve workers focus, give them more energy and they felt better about their jobs.

Lighting Controls

As previously mentioned we can provide smart light controls that work with our LED lighting system this helps save even more on your energy bill if well implemented. To know more about this click below

Start Saving Energy!

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