Office Intelligent Controls

We understand that cutting energy intake in offices is hard because the number of electrical appliances that are in offices, so we introduce new and innovative ideas and technologies to cut costs.

The smart controls that we offer are designed to be eco-friendly and give our consumers the flexibility to control their lighting.

The lighting controls that we recommend for offices are occupancy sensing lights, daylight harvesting lights, full-range dimming lights, Li-Fi and a software-controlled system.

  • Occupancy settings – occupancy controls use motion, presence and absence detectors to pinpoint movement within a room, then turn the lights on or off. These sensors are ideal for a waiting room in an office as people are constantly going in and out of the room.

  • Daylight harvesting lights – daylight harvesting lighting system mirrors the natural daylight outside to produce consistent lux levels, meaning that the room is getting the same amount of light throughout the day. Daylight harvesting lights are perfect for rooms that get steady light from windows like employee offices.

  • Full-range dimming controls – these controls have a silent and smooth operating system and help maintain the lifespan of LED lights. These dimming controls are perfect for rooms with computers like receptions and offices because these controls will stop screen glares whilst cutting energy consumption.

  • Software-controlled system – software-controlled system is available via applications for mobiles and tablets. The app allows different users to control the lighting system on the move. This system is excellent for buildings with multiple rooms.

  • Li-Fi – Li-Fi is similar to Wi-Fi with the main difference being that it is a visible light communicator that transmits data through light. It can be considered a duo with the Wi-Fi but not a substitute of it. Li-Fi would be very useful in waiting rooms to keep people waiting occupied.

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