Energy Saving Solutions for Offices

UK Energy Watch will provide you with an initial energy audit as a starter. This is an in-depth review of your whole energy efficiency, determining how we can reduce your energy usage, save money and improve your working environment for both staff and visitors.

We can achieve this by installing energy efficient technologies such as LED Lighting, Heating and Solar PV; and Energy Monitoring systems to improve energy usage behaviour.

We consult on the design and development of projects and coordinate installations. We can also help you source energy efficiency funding and grants to help with the capital investment costs of the project.

Energy Saving Solutions for Offices

LED Lighting for Offices

LED lighting stands for light emitting diode, they are similar to natural light one of the reasons they are a good option for any environment.

We provide you with high quality lighting that can come in many color temperatures of your choice. We can bring samples in to give you your desired lighting system.

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Lighting Controls for Offices

Our team will fit in smart light controls in junction with the LED lighting as they can help with 15% further savings on your bill.

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Solar PV for Offices

Solar energy is the next stop if you are looking for a reliable way of saving energy. This is a service that will remain constant as long as the sun is shining above the Earth.

The photovoltaic cell that form the solar panels harness daylight and sunlight transforming it to energy that can be used to power any device around the office.

Battery Storage for Offices

Last but not least store energy with our bespoke Energy Storage Unit. It can store the energy generated by the solar panel.

We this we offer a meter that will allow you to control your spending’s in energy, giving you total control to switch from the grid to the energy stored.

Start Saving Energy!

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