NHS Solar PV

As our solar panels do not contribute to pollution, the ability to generate reliable electricity through solar panels is not only a financial gain, it is also a good aid to the environment.

With the electrical grid getting older, and a £30 billion tag is put on an upgrade, the chances of seeing more power outages and blackouts are increasing with each passing day. Unreliability issues could cause health establishments major problems.

NHS Solar PV

Why Solar Panels?

Solar panels (solar photovoltaic) convert energy gained from daylight into electricity that can be used to power appliances within a hospital or stored for future use.

Solar technology provides the National Health Service with the option to generate independent energy.

The amount of land health institutions is beneficial as we offer our clients the opportunity to build a ‘solar farm’, which would take away a very large bulk of the reliance on the aging grid.

Our Solution

Using our Energy Generation Unit with a solar farm would be a decision that saves thousands plus provide an income.

Due to the amount of excess energy that a solar farm would generate, the storage unit would be able to send some of that energy back to the grid for a payment from the government.

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