Manufacturing Solar PV

With the government supplying electrical energy to other European countries, the reliability of the aging grid – that supplies electricity to over 1.4 billion people – is only going to deteriorate.

The £30 billion fee needed to modernise the interconnected network will do very little to entice the government into action

For businesses in the industry sector the chances of costly power outages, blackouts and general energy reliability issues becoming a usual problem are increasing daily.

Our Service

Our services are making sure that businesses across the country can become more independent and generate their own energy, not relying on the temperamental state of the grid.

Our clients can generate their own energy by using our solar panels that covert daylight into electrical energy, which can be stored or used immediately. If you wish to keep your panels connected to the grid, you will receive a payment from the government for exporting the spare energy to the grid.

We offer a 20-year warranty with every solar panel installation.

Depending on the size of land owned by our clients, there is a possibility of producing a solar farm. A solar farm is the implementation of our service but on a larger scale. It gives clients the opportunity to generate a mass amount of energy


Using our bespoke Energy Storage Unit, the of the amount of energy you produce is completely up to you. The Unit stores energy for future use and distribution.

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