Manufacturing Intelligent Controls

At UK Energy Watch we are committed to using the latest technologies to cut electricity bills. We appreciate the importance of electricity for manufacturers, but also notice the spike in electrical expenditures.

The smart lighting controls we provide manufacturers with are designed to provide excellent lighting variations whilst being energy efficient.

All of the smart controls that we offer work well with LED lights to provide a further energy reducing solution.

Occupancy sensing lights, daylight harvesting lights, full-range dimming lights and a software-controlled system are some of the intelligent light controls we offer to our clients in the industry sector.

Solar PV Advantages

  • Occupancy controls – these controls use motion, presence and absence detectors to locate movement in a room, before turning the lighting system on/off. These sensors are ideal for a canteen due to the amount of people that are going in and out.

  • Daylight harvesting lights – daylight harvesting smart lights works by calculating the amount of daylight out to produce consistent lux levels, so that the room is getting a consistent level of light throughout the day. Daylight harvesting lights are perfect for rooms that get steady light from windows like offices.

  • Full-range dimming controls – dimming controls help maintain the life of LED lights as they provide a silent and smooth operating system. These controls are beneficial for rooms with computer operated machinery, as the dimming controls stop screen glares whilst cutting energy usage.

  • Software-controlled system – this system is available through applications for mobiles and tablets. The app allows multiple users to control a lighting system in a certain department. This system is excellent for structures that have multiple departments, managers of the different areas can oversee the lighting controls.

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