Energy Saving Solutions for Industrial and Manufacturing

At UK Energy Watch we work with manufacturers to reduce energy consumption and costs.

The path to cutting energy costs begins with an initial audit being carried out by our team. The detailed audit reveals which areas of the building are the most energy reliant, we then put together a contingency plan.

We find that our coupling of LED lighting and smart controls is the quickest method in reducing energy, produces visible results within weeks.

Solar panel installation and the integration of energy storage units are the other money and energy saving solutions we offer.

UK Energy Watch and Salix Finance work closely to provide access to funding to our clients. The grant given is a zero interest, no upfront and bi-annual loan that will be repaid through the savings made.

A team of experts will handle the application process, making the process the smooth and stress- free.

Energy Saving Solutions for Manufacturers

Industrial LED Lighting

despite gas being the number one expenditure for manufacturers, electricity ranks second. Switching to energy efficient lighting can reduce the electricity bill by 30% – 60%.

Introducing LED lighting and smart controls will bring benefits that will be directly felt by employees doing manual labour and managers in offices.

Our LED lights reflect natural daylight – with an option to alter the temperature colour available – to produce an aesthetically pleasing looking working environment. The lights have a lifespan of 5 – 8 years.

Solar PV for Industrial

Installing solar panels is a vital step into making your building an independent source of energy.

Solar panels gather daylight and convert it into electricity that can be used instantly or stored to use at a more convenient time.

If the panels are connected to the interconnect network grid, the excess energy produced by the solar panels will be exported back the grid. Every installation comes with a guaranteed 20-year warranty.

Battery Storage for Industrial

Once solar PVs are installed a suitable next step would be to start storing the energy produced. Storing energy will take away 80% of the grid reliance.

One major benefit our bespoke Energy Storage Unit offers is that it can gather energy from the grid during periods of cheaper energy and store it for future use. For example, a manufacturing company can load up on energy when the prices are at their lowest and use that energy during times when demand is at its highest.

Start Saving Energy!

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