Solar Panels for Colleges and Universities

This is a service we provide that allows you to generate your own energy, taking off 80% of grid reliance you will be using your own energy.

Solar photovoltaic harvest sunlight and transform it to energy that can feed any electrical device in your building i.e. computers and your new LED lighting system provided by us.

This can turn into a way of getting income as the government will pay you for creating extra energy for the grid. This adding to your saved coins.

Solar Panels for Colleges


Our team will place the solar panels on the rooftop of your building but if you have large land we can always place it on the land, and voila a solar farm.

The photovoltaic cells that form the solar panel are made out of silicone to avoid any toxic spillage or fumes being sent into the atmosphere.

Improvements are continuously being made to solar panels allowing it to harness ultraviolet and infrared rays which are invisible spectrum lights, improving its function.

We provide you with a 20-year warranty although solar panels don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Start Saving Energy!

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