LED Lighting Controls for Colleges and Universities

Universities can save a lot of money with the simple implementation of LED lighting, they could add a couple more coins into their savings by adding smart controls.

We provide a variety of smart LED lighting  options and make sure we get the right one that suits your needs and solves your spending problems.

LED lighting and the smart controls work perfectly together and improve the school and outdoor environment as you waste less carbon.

Lighting Controls for Colleges and Universities
  • Daylight harvesting lights – they work alongside natural daylight to provide even lighting in rooms. This is perfect for the art & design department.

  • Software-controlled system – this service can be used in a variety of devices that allow you to control the lighting system from wherever. Another great advantage is how you can place other users in control of different zones of a building.

  • Occupancy controls – these controls detect movement and absence of movement in a room before triggering the lighting system to switch on/off. Perfect for hall ways, toilets and classrooms that are not used a lot.

  • Li-Fi – A mimic of the Wi-Fi but the data is transferred to your device through the lights. This service provides a faster network connection then Wi-Fi. Don’t see it as a substitute of Wi-Fi but a supplement or partner perhaps.

There are many other controls that we provide to ensure a modern, aesthetically pleasing, affordable, peaceful and smooth sailing LED lighting trip to a more energy efficient environment.

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