LED Lighting For Colleges and Universities

UK Energy Watch will provide you with an initial energy audit as a starter. This will outline how much money you have been paying in electricity bills for each room and how much you could save by switching to LED lighting.

If you need some financial help to fund the work, so there’s no need for any upfront capital outlay, there are a number of funding routes available including an operating lease, or alternatively, Salix Finance interest-free Government funding. This is available to the public sector to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills. Salix Finance is offered to public sector organisations in England, Scotland and Wales to tackle climate change.

College LED Lighting

LED Lighting Audit

The first step is to do an audit which will determine how much you can be saving by switching to LED lighting. Then we will be replacing all of your lights.

UK Energy Watch provides high quality LED lighting with different colour temperatures, expect a life span of 50,000 – 70,000 hours just from the first fitting. If you encounter any issues beforehand you can utilise our minimum 5-year warranty.

Samples of LED lightings are provided if requested to help you choose the best fit for your building.

Time is a big concern for clients, that’s why our team handles all of the services from the audit, energy saving calculations, design plan, funding applications and installation. These services will be provided in the deadline discussed with minimal intrusion.

Lighting Controls

With the LED lighting we can provide smart controls which will further help with the savings.

There is a diversity of controls we can provide.

Health Benefits

As small as this change to LED lighting can be your students and staff will highly benefit from it. Many are not aware of a condition called S.A.D (winter blues), this stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a disorder that occurs in winter time, hence the nickname, during summer the condition is not felt as much because of the sunlight.

LED lighting is used to treat this condition because it mimics natural light. Having it in classrooms will improve student and staff focus, making the college/university rooms a more enjoyable place to be.

Regular lights have been used to treat S.A.D but LED lighting is most effective as it is made out of light, not heat, which is what the people with this disorder need. Regular lights need 90% heat to produce light, making up only 10% of light.

Start Saving Energy!

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