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Salix Finance provide interest free loans to public sector organisations, schools and academies to help them become more energy efficient with energy saving project including LED Lighting.

Salix is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy, the Department for Education, the Welsh Government and the Scottish Government – allows public sector organisations to switch to energy saving technologies without the need for up-front capital cost by proving interest free loans.

Salix Finance criteria and compliance requires organisations to be able to prove energy and carbon savings of their installation within a stipulated time period for a given project.

Salix Finance Energy Efficient Interest Free Loans

Salix Finance Statistics

  • Number of Projects Funded = 14,436
  • Value of Projects Funded = £462.9 million
  • Value of Annual Financial Savings = £116.2 million
  • Value of Annual Carbon Savings = 613,793 tonnes of CO2

Save thousands of pounds a year easily and instantly with LED Lighting and Salix Energy Efficiency Zero Interest Finance.

Join thousands of other schools and organisations who are making the smart decision to install energy efficient lighting using ZERO INTEREST Energy Efficiency Financing to COVER ALL OF THE INVESTMENT COSTS!

Salix Finance empowers public sector organisations to take a lead in tackling climate change by helping to increase their energy efficiency.

Salix Finance is a not-for-profit company funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Welsh and Scottish Governments to remove the barrier of significant upfront capital cost to investing in energy efficient technologies.

Salix provides interest-free loans for projects that fall within their compliance criteria: namely, that returns on investment and carbon savings must be proven to be achievable within a stipulated time period.

Funded by the Department for Education, Salix launched a Schools programme in 2012 providing 100% interest free loans specifically for schools in England.

How Does it Work? 

Energy Efficient LED Lighting reduces the amount of energy you use on lighting by a huge 50%-80%.

These savings happen instantly as soon as your new energy efficient lights are installed.

Zero Interest Energy Efficiency Financing is available for the public sector through Salix and covers the entire investment cost of all the equipment and installation needed to install your new energy efficient LED Lighting meaning you save instantly without paying a penny. You then pay back the equipment through your energy savings.

As the savings with energy efficient LED lighting are so BIG, the amount you pay back is almost always guaranteed to be significantly lower than the amount you save every month

..so you become cash positive from day one!