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Public Sector Funding

100% Interest FREE public sector funding now available. Schools, Colleges, NHS Trusts, Local authorities can now use this interest free funding to install LED Lighting and other energy efficient technologies.

Public Sector Funding

Pay nothing out of your budget and then use your energy savings to pay for your LED Lighting

As an example you maybe paying £10,000 per year in energy for your energy. (Our audit will calculate this exactly for you). If we take out your existing lights and replace them with LED Lighting, your new energy spend per year would be £3000 – giving you a 70% saving.

You would pay nothing up front for the install but then pay £4000 a year for the next 4 years. Even after this payment you have a cash gain of £3000 per year.

  • Install LED Lighting with zero investment
  • Use Energy Efficiency Funding and Payback through your energy savings
  • 100% Interest FREE
  • Department of Education Approved
  • Keep your budget for other investments
  • Install LED Lighting throughout your school and benefit from full savings instantly

Do you need public sector funding for your project?

If you are interested in using Department of Education approved energy efficiency funding to install LED Lighting speak to a member or our team today who will explain everything for you.

Call our team today on 0333 241 3424 and we will more than happy to help you