Smart Lighting and Lighting Controls

At UK Energy Watch we can give you total control of your lighting system with smart LED lighting controls. Your lights can also be self-sufficient. These are the occupancy sensor lights, daylight harvesting lights, full-range dimming lights, software-controlled systems, and the new Li-Fi which is the light version of Wi-Fi.

All these technologies that your smart lighting can have, allow you to save more on your energy bills, adding to the great savings that LED lighting already provides to you. Giving you more control over your spending.

Our team will ensure that the right sensors are allocated in the right places around your building according to the audit. Leaving you to worry less as we will take control and ensure everything discussed after the audit is applied with minimal intrusion to the work environment.

Occupancy settings

Below there are listed the lighting controls we offer to give you a knowledge of their functionality and how they can add to your savings. Motion detectors, presence detectors and absence detectors are similar as in they detect movement, and this triggers the lighting system.

The difference is that motion detectors detect big movements through heat signatures sent by a person’s body when entering a room when presence detectors detect smaller movements and absence detectors turn off the lights when the room is empty.

Commercial sectors can make use of passive infrared or ultrasonic smart lights. As these types of lights can cover larger areas. Passive infrared lights detect heat just as smart detectors which detect light inside the electromagnetic spectrum.

Ultrasonic lights work in the same way as radar and sonar, they send sonic signals and the reflected sound is analysed, if the steady state changes it deducts that something has moved inside the space.

Microwave detectors do not need a line-of-sight as they see through most building materials and when someone enters the space they switch the light on.

These sensors allow you to connect them to the internet.

Li-Fi not Wi-Fi

At UK Energy Watch we are determined to stay on top of the game with the new updates and new technology and the one that has been in the limelight is Li-Fi.

Light fidelity, referred to as Li-Fi, is similar to Wi-Fi but the difference is that it is a visible light communication that transmits data through light, when Wi-Fi uses electro-magnetic waves at radio frequencies to transmit data.

Li-Fi uses LED lights to transmit data and photodetectors (laser diodes). The data is passed quicker this way as there is no interference issues.

The light cannot pass the wall therefore a more secure data transfer, this transfer is made at a speed of 1GB.

It can be considered a duo with the Wi-Fi but not a substitute of it. This technology can be placed in lamps, kits, Li-Fi smartphones etc…

Software-Controlled System

What about being able to control your new LED lighting system and new controls no matter where you are? Sounds tempting?

This is a service that can be provided by apps such as Light Rules Mobile, the app can be used in a variety of devices i.e. tablet and smartphones. It can be used in environments such commercial, industrial buildings, office buildings, sporting arenas and more, you name it.

It will allow you to adjust light levels, optimise lighting conditions for a safer, comfort and productive work place.

Through role-based permeation’s and controlled profiles you can give access to particular zones of your choice to users.

Full-Range Dimming Controls

Using dimming controls will help cut energy costs quickly and effectively as the longer LED lights are dimmed equals to the less energy they are consuming and an increase to the longevity of bulbs.

Our installation team will install all the lighting and control systems as appropriate, they will be available on-call for repairs and lights replacements because not all LED bulbs can be installed into a dimmable circuit.

Different LED lights have different components, fitting a non-dimmable bulb into a dimmable circuit can seriously harm the whole electrical circuit.

Trailing Edge (LED ready) switches are designed to specifically designed to work well with LED bulbs. They share similar characteristics that make them work effectively together, for example they both share comparable wattage ranges and digital make up.

When LED lights are dimmed with a trailing edge dimmer they use a sophisticated electronic system that offers benefits such as silent operation and smoother control alongside the energy reduction.

Daylight Dimming Controls (daylight harvesting)

It is important that lux levels – a measure of the light intensity as perceived by the human eye – used in a workplace are appropriate in connection to the activities being carried out.

A room where architectural or graphic designs are created will need higher lux levels than a canteen because designers require a steady amount of light throughout the day, whilst canteen lighting be adjusted appropriately.

Consistent, energy efficient lux levels can be achieved through daylight harvesting.

UK Energy Watch helps your establishment harvest daylight by combining light sensors (photocell sensors) into an LED lighting system.

Photocells detect the amount natural daylight in a room and change the amount of artificial light being used accordingly. Meaning that as natural light fades artificial lighting will gradually be incorporated in the room, providing consistent lighting levels and using less energy in the process.

School Intelligent Lighting Controls

Schools, Academies & Higher Education

With the weight that schools carry of the demanding budgets our Led light fittings can provide a freedom that will be felt from day one. We provide indoor and outdoor lighting for schools, academies and higher-level education institutions, such as colleges and universities, with as minimal intrusion as feasible.

NHS Intelligent Controls

NHS trust

Throughout the UK a lot of funding for hospitals is predominantly used on electricity due to the high number of electrical appliances within a hospital. We slash the electric bills significantly with our smart meters and lights, leaving the money available to improve hospital wellbeing and equipment.

Office Intelligent Controls


With the different lighting options available to our customers, UK Energy Watch has the different solutions for all types of office sizes. We can offer retrofit LED replacement installs to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs to refurbishment and new builds that our team will handle from start to finish.

Retail Intelligent Controls


Our experienced design team can provide detailed designs to ensure that a desired illumination level is met for the particular retail business, considering the light that is entering the room, room space and location of the property to make sure your business stands out the glow it deserves.

Warehouse Intelligent Controls


UK Energy Watch has LED lighting answers for all types of warehouses, from food storage warehouses to warehouses used by employers as a company base. We understand the target requirements set out by the government through the Paris Agreement and we guarantee that those goals will be achieved through our expert service.

Intelligent Controls for Manufacturing


Before putting our plan into action for industrial sites, our designers will work on a plan that gives the best lighting, both indoor and out, so that employees can have best working conditions available 24/7.

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