LED Lighting

LED Lighting has been one of the most impactful technologies to improve energy efficiency over the past decade. It is fair to say we love LED Lighting at UK Energy Watch. This one technology alone has helped our clients collectively save over £1m in energy costs which is huge!

We have an internal lighting design team who will create a bespoke project design not only to reduce your energy costs but to dramatically improve your lighting levels and working environment.

LED Lighting Solutions
LED Smart Controls

LED Smart Controls

Adding smart controls to an LED Lighting project is an intelligent move. In this new age of smart technology, lighting is up there with the best in terms of becoming digital and intelligent.

Controls have come a long way since the PIR motion sensor. Today we can install a lighting system which thinks for itself, dims when there is enough natural daylight in the room, turns off when there is no person present and fully controllable through your mobile phone or computer.


A quality LED luminaire will last 50,000 – 70,000 hours. That is 5-7 years if your lights are on 24/7 and 15+ years of life expectancy for an average school.

This means no more access equipment to reach those tricky lights high up on the ceilings and no more buying light tubes, bulbs or fittings.

If you add that up over 5 years most schools or businesses will save thousands of pounds additional to the energy costs saved from the LED technology.

With a smart LED system, all the emergency testing can be done remotely.

LED Lighting Fittings

We work closely with hand-picked LED Lighting manufacturers based in the UK and across Europe, covering a wide range of LED Light fittings.

  • LED Batons

  • LED Downlights

  • LED 2D Fittings

  • LED Strip Lighting

  • LED High Bays

  • LED Low Bays

  • LED Emergency Lights

  • LED Exit Signs

  • LED Classroom Fittings

  • LED Exterior Lighting

School LED Lighting

Schools, Academies & Higher Education

With Schools, Colleges and Universities forced to manage tighter budgets, energy is an obvious cost which needs addressing. LED Lighting is a wise decision for schools to make, providing an instant reduction in energy and power used.

With interest-free Salix funding available to cover 100% of the project investment, the investment to LED Lighting really is an easy one to make on savings alone. When you look at the improvements LED Lighting makes to a school, the decision really needs no thinking about.

NHS LED Lighting

NHS trust

Electricity is a huge cost to our hospitals and medical centres throughout the UK. Lighting is responsible for over 30% of these electricity costs. With the installation of LED Lighting, significant amounts of energy and money can be saved in our hospitals totalling millions of pounds nationally.

Aside from the savings, the improvements to the environment within a hospital can also be significantly improved with the installation of LED Lighting.

A smart LED lighting system gives us the ability to change the colour temperature throughout the hospital or to change through the day to match the natural cycle of the day, which is believed to improve health and well being.

Office LED Lighting


Office lighting is another obvious choice business owners can make to upgrade to LED Lighting.

Energy savings are typically 70%+ and an intelligent LED Lighting system gives business owners, CEO’s, managers the ability to control lighting remotely, making sure lights are turned off at the end of the day.

Improved lighting in the workplace has been shown to improve productivity in the workplace.

Retail LED Lighting


Our experienced design team can provide detailed designs to ensure that the desired illumination level is met for a particular retail business, considering the light that is entering the room, room space and location of the property to make sure your retail business stands out in the glow it deserves.

Warehouse LED Lighting


The savings made in warehouses and industrial units generally exceed 75% from an LED Lighting upgrade and can reach 90% if intelligent controls are included in the installation.

The improved light levels from LED can be seen better in warehouses than most other locations, taking the light from a dull orange glow to a bright, clear, high definition view.

UK Energy Watch has LED lighting solutions for all types of warehouses, from cold storage warehouses to warehouses used by employers as a company base.

LED Lighting for Industrial


Logistically Industrial LED installations can be the most challenging to avoid any disruption to our client’s operations.

Our experienced project management team work hard before any work commences, creating a detailed project design and plan for the installation team to strictly follow, making sure health and safety is a high priority at all times.

Our installation teams often work through the night so there is the minimum amount of disruption to our client’s operation, whilst creating the grandest results.

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