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Energy Efficiency Funding

Save thousands of pounds a year with fully funded LED Lighting Installation

Join thousands of other UK organisations who are making the smart decision to install energy efficient LED Lighting using Energy Efficiency Financing to COVER 100% of the project cost! The whole process can take as little as 2 weeks and you will instantly save 50-80% off your current energy usage and costs from the moment of installation.

Energy Efficiency Funding

How does it work?

UK Energy Watch have partnered with a selection of key finance and funding partners to give you a option to install LED Lighting without having to pay up front for it. As soon as we install your new lights you will benefit from a 50%-80% energy saving per year. You then use an agreed fixed amount to pay for the project over a 2-5 year term. This allows you to keep your capital in your business or budget in your school and use your energy savings to pay for your LED Lighting installation. It’s a great way to become energy efficient.

As an example you maybe paying £10,000 per year in energy for your energy. (Our audit will calculate this exactly for you). If we take out your existing lights and replace them with LED Lighting, your new energy spend per year would be £3000 – giving you a 70% saving. You would pay nothing up front for the install but then pay £4000 a year for the next 4 years. Even after this payment you have a cash gain of £3000 per year.

How does it save you money?

If you currently use any form of fluorescent, CFL or incandescent lighting today (which 90% of the world does) then you are using high amounts of energy to create light. This form of artificial lighting uses huge amounts of energy to create heat which as a by-products gives us light. It generally wastes circa 80% of its energy on heat.

With the birth and development of LED Lighting you no longer need to, or should be using any form of high energy lighting (fluorescent, incandescent, discharge etc). We have finally figured out how to create light direct from the power source which is why LED Lighting is so exciting. Instead of wasting all that energy on heat we now have LED Lighting which is delivering circa 80% of its energy to create light. Essentially what this really means to us is your old 50W Incandescent Light Bulb can be replaced for a 5/6w LED Lamp and your 95w fluorescent fitting can be replaced with a 35W LED Lumianire giving you anything from 50%-90% savings.