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Project Description

Wadham School – LED Lighting Installation

Wadham School’s energy bills were unnecessarily higher than they should have been, by more than 2 times to be more specific!

Thanks to a fully funded LED lighting install, the school’s bills have been reduced going from £47,947.18 per year, down to £17,092,89

We installed a variety of our LED products at the school, including our highly popular LED panels, non-corrosive low bay fittings and more!


Project Overview

  • Energy Spend before LED installation: £47,947.18
  • Energy Spend after LED installation: £17,092,89
  • Annual Savings: £30,854.29
  • Annual Payments: £15,142.03
  • Annual Cash Gain: £15,712.26

We have found working with UK Energy Watch a very positive experience. Their knowledge and ability to guide the customer through a complicated market was superb. We always felt that it was a partnership and this gave use the confidence to talk with them openly to achieve the best outcome for us.
Sheila Taylor Wadham School, Somerset