Project Description

Queens Drive Primary School – LED Lighting Installation

Queens Drive Primary School contacted UK Energy Watch to provide a free energy audit in 2018, UK Energy Watch identified that the lighting was very inefficient with a couple of rooms still using 6FT T8 Fluorescent tubes!

The proposed project also identified that swapping the 6FT Fittings to 5FT would not only reduce the wattage used further but also improve the lighting levels.

Project Overview

  • Energy Spend before LED installation: £9,669.79

  • Energy Spend after LED installation: £3,819.32
  • Annual Savings: £5,850.47

Q: What was your key driver in making the decision to upgrade to LED Lighting?

A: The lighting in the school was very old and a lot was not working properly, particularly in the Junior Hall.  This created a dark environment for everyone to work in.  The opportunity to change this and reduce the cost to the school were the main reasons the project was undertaken.

Q: What improvements have you seen following the LED Lighting installation to the working and learning environment?

A: We have a school where all the internal lights work every day to provide a bright light much more user-friendly environment. The areas that had been dark for years are now bright and cheerful.

Q: Has there been an effect on the students, teachers and staff with improved lighting to work and learn in?

A: The main comment from everyone is how bright the classrooms are.

Q: Would you recommend an LED Lighting Installation to other schools and colleges?

A: I would thoroughly recommend others looking into Led lighting to see if it can help change their work environment.

Q: What has been your experience working with UK Energy Watch?

A: Overall this was a very easy project that ran smoothly. Any questions were answered and any issues were resolved together.

Lorraine Bowden School Business Manager – Queens Drive Primary School