Project Description

Kirkby La Thorpe Church of England Primary Academy – LED Lighting Installation

Kirkby La Thorpe Church of England Primary are an ECO school and wanted to reduce their electricity usage and reduce their carbon emissions further,

The school were using old fluorescent tubes and also had issues with emergency battery pack failures on their old lighting.

With a full audit then LED Lighting replacement they reduced electricity usage and costs and reduced their ongoing cost for maintenance.

Whilst the school become more energy efficient, the new LED lighting provided a much better and brighter classroom working environment and natural daylight feel around the school.

Project Overview

  • Energy Spend before LED installation: £3,693.80

  • Energy Spend after LED installation: £1,312.00
  • Annual Savings: £2,381.80

Q: What was your key driver in making the decision to upgrade to LED Lighting?

A: We had several emergency battery pack failures on our old lights, we were going to have to pay for them to be replaced so decided to explore the cost of replacing the lights with new LED units, investing the money we would have used for repairs in new fittings. As part of this change to LED units were also keen to save money in ongoing maintenance, with half of our emergency lights having failed it was only to be expected that the remaining ones would fail in the near future, we are an ECO school and so it also made sense to reduce our electricity usage and reduce our carbon emissions. Our research also showed that the quality of light from the LEDs would be far superior to the old fluorescent tubes we were using.

Q: What improvements have you seen following the LED Lighting installation to the working and learning environment?

A: The light produced is brighter,  comments from the staff of ‘it’s more like a natural daylight’ have been made. There also seems to be a better spread of light in the classrooms.

Q: Has there been an effect on the students, teachers and staff with improved lighting to work and learn in?

A: This is hard to quantify other than the comments made by some staff and children about the light being brighter and better.

Q: Would you recommend an LED Lighting Installation to other schools and colleges?

A: From our experience yes we would recommend changing to LED lighting. For us changing made sense as we were going to be spending money on maintenance of the old lights so could factor this cost into the cost of the project to replace them.

Q: What has been your experience working with UK Energy Watch?

A: We have found the team at UK Energy Watch to be approachable, they listened to us and worked closely with us to deliver the project. The test of a company comes when issues arise on site. During the installation phase, we had issues on site which were not foreseen nor could they have been These were dealt with very well by the team.

Jon – Governor – Kirkby La Thorpe Church of England Primary Academy