Energy Efficiency is Smart Business

Private and Public sector organisations have a keen eye on the bottom line, and for good reason.

In today’s world of rising costs, getting just as much clarity on your energy consumption is vital which is why smart organisations across the world are investing into technologies which either reduce energy, generate energy and store energy.

If you aren’t clear about where your energy consumption is being used and spent then we can help you with this. The first step is to apply for an on-site energy audit.


At UK Energy Watch we excel in identifying ways your organisation can reduce energy consumption and costs. Through the installation of energy efficient technologies such as LED Lighting and renewable energy technologies such as Solar PV, we can reduce your energy usage by as much as 60%.

Working initially as an energy consultant we come out to visit you to conduct an audit of your existing energy behaviours, costs, suppliers, lighting, heating and specific technologies used for within your organisation.

This is a service we offer organisations in the UK, to apply for an energy efficiency audit fill in this form and a member of our team will contact you with next steps.

Following the audit, we will present you with a detailed report on where your energy is being used and identify specific ways you can reduce your energy usage and costs.

We will then recommend specific technologies, manufacturers and suppliers who can significantly reduce your energy usage and costs.


Our mission at UK Energy Watch is to make saving energy not only a priority but a simple decision and action for UK organisations to take.

Our philosophy to becoming energy efficient is very simple. As an organisation you have a choice to make.
Option 1: Continue to pay wasteful money to your energy supplier and keep them happy.

Option 2: Use our energy efficiency funding to pay less to your energy supplier and use the money you are saving to invest into more efficient technologies, behaviour change, renewable energy producing and energy storing technologies which will reduce your total energy consumption by up to 60%.

For us it’s a really simple decision.

Our commitment is to both our clients and to our environment. Saving energy not only puts more money back into your organisation and bottom line but has an impact on our global carbon reduction targets.
Our promise is to do exactly what we say we are going to do. We consider both energy savings and the specific technologies quality and performance in every project we design and manage. Our promise to you is we will deliver on your projects design, energy calcs, quality and performance in the agreed time frame, safely and to all required UK standards.
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• It is your responsibility
• Do the right thing
• Your work is your craft – create masterpieces
• Be Adventurous, Courageous, Creative and Open Minded
• Deliver and over deliver on team members, clients and your internal expectations
• Energy, Quality and Performance matters
• Growth and success through Integrity and honesty
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• Build a positive team and a family spirit
• Embrace the frustrations, they are a sign of growth
• We believe in pushing ourselves & our clients to THINK CHANGE, THINK BIG and take action by STARTING SMALL.


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Funding Energy Efficiency Projects

One of the main reasons organisations avoid investing in energy efficient or renewable energy technologies is capital.

We have a number of different funding options available and grants which can help towards the investment into energy saving projects.

To book a call with one of our energy efficiency funding consultants fill in the form here or call 01253 407592.