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Warehouse LED Lighting

UK Energy Watch has an LED lighting solution for all warehouse needs. From retrofit LED replacement installs to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs to refurbishments and new builds, our experienced team will handle your project from start to finish.

Our experienced design team can provide detailed lighting designs to ensure a desired and required illumination level is met for a particular project.

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Warehouse LED Lighting

Intelligent Warehouse LED Lighting Features

A Day in the Light

With next-generation analytics and operational insight, LightRules® software from Digital Lumens improves productivity, safety, and energy costs for industrial and commercial businesses around the world. In this video, learn about the powerful controls and analytics our customers use to optimize their day-to-day operations while increasing the bottom line.

Progressive Dimming

Progressive Dimming is a lighting strategy leveraging the powerful controls found in LightRules, the lighting and energy management software from Digital Lumens.

The video on the right shows the powerful overviews the background and demonstrates the strategy which allows for optimised energy savings during peak work hours in high-occupancy environments, without sacrificing employee safety or comfort.

Intelligent Warehouse LED Lighting Fixtures

Intelligent Warehouse LED Lighting Features
Efficient LED lighting System

The simple fact is that intelligence drives efficiency. Integrated intelligence – daylight harvetsing and occupancy sensing, full-range dimming, and power monitoring – is built into every rugged, low-wattage LED fixture to maximize energy efficiency.

Flexible LED Lighting System

All facilities’ lighting needs vary. And they change over time – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Our Intelligent Lighting System offers different optics and lumen output levels, as well as the ability to fine-tune settings a any time with a click of a mouse.

Reliable LED Lighting System

While our system is high-tech, it’s anything but fragile. Our rugged, industrial-grade LED fixtures are proven in some of the most demanding environments in the world, and the LEDs have a calculated lifetime of 200,000 hours.

All warehouse LED lighting installations come backed with a 5 year warranty

Warehouse LED lighting installations include;

  • LED High Bays
  • LED Low Bays
  • LED Non Corrosive Fittings
  • LED Linear Low Bays
  • LED Exit Signs
  • LED T8 Tubes and Fittings
  • LED Emergency Lights
  • LED Panels

Do you need a lighting design for your project?

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