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Banks Road Primary School

Banks Road Primary School – LED Lighting Installation The existing lighting installation at Banks RoadPrimary School in Garston featured various types of fluorescent fittings and the school’s business manager, Doreen Finnegan, was keen to reduce the running and replacement costs of the lighting. She invited UK Energy Watch, a market leader in energy efficiency solutions, to [...]



Rentokil – LED Lighting Installation The existing lighting in the warehouse wasn’t performing to it’s full ability and wasn’t a clean source of light and instead appeared more yellow than white. After an energy efficiency audit Rentokil Pest Control’s warehouse in Preston had an LED Lighting install fully funded by UK Energy Watch and saved [...]


Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Blackpool Tower Ballroom – LED Lighting Installation As part of the annual cleaning operation, all 1,120 lights in the ballroom's Edwardian chandeliers have been changed to new energy-saving LED bulbs. Every January the Ballroom undergoes a major spring clean, which involves polishing the legendary sprung floor after 12 months of dancing, lowering the crystal chandeliers [...]


Ashton Community Science College

Ashton Community Science College – LED Lighting Installation Following an audit of the Ashton Community Science College we identified the existing lighting was using and wasting huge amounts of energy per year and proposed an LED Lighting Installation funded through an energy efficiency fund available to the school By replacing all the existing lights with [...]


LSA Technology and Performing Arts College

UK Energy Watch were commissioned by Lytham St Annes Technology and Performing Arts College to undertake a lighting audit to evaluate their lighting energy and maintenance usage. We compared their existing lighting/energy costs against the potential savings of a full LED lighting installation. Using our interest free energy efficiency financing package, Lytham St Annes College [...]


Techni Grind Preston

Techni Grind Preston – LED Lighting Installation One of our most recent commercial clients was Techni Grind in Preston, who were paying over £6000 a year more than they needed to on their energy bills!However, thanks to a fully funded LED lighting install with UK Energy Watch, the warehouse has had it’s energy usage and [...]


Polymeric Labels

Polymeric Labels – LED Lighting Installation Polymeric Labels Ltd, a world leading manufacturer of brands within the Rubber Industry were looking at ways to reduce their ever increasing energy costs. It’s a problem that Polymeric Labels were determined to address, and thanks to LED lighting, the company has reduced their lighting energy costs throughout their [...]


Wadham School

Wadham School – LED Lighting Installation Wadham School’s energy bills were unnecessarily higher than they should have been, by more than 2 times to be more specific! Thanks to a fully funded LED lighting install, the school’s bills have been reduced going from £47,947.18 per year, down to £17,092,89 We installed a variety of our LED [...]