Energy Efficiency Audit

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Energy Efficiency Audit

Book an energy efficiency audit with UK Energy Watch and see how much you can save each year with LED Lighting

Energy Efficiency Audit

School and College Energy Efficiency Audit

School and College Energy Efficiency Audit

Save your school thousands on energy costs every year with a fully funded and energy efficient LED lighting install.
It all starts with an Audit…

Book an Energy Efficiency Audit for your School

Commercial Energy Efficiency Audit

Commercial Energy Efficiency Audit

Did you know that an LED Lighting Installation with Smart Controls and Sensors could wipe out a HUGE 80-90% of your Lighting Energy Costs?

Book an Energy Efficiency Audit for your Business

At UK Energy Watch we are passionate about changing the way you see your lighting options and with LED Lighting, we know you’ll see things more clearly. Today in the UK, there is no alternative that matches the outstanding performance of LED Lighting; it’s the most effective technology to dramatically reduce your energy consumption and costs.

50-80% reduction in energy usage and costs – from the moment of installation

Public buildings, schools, hospitals, businesses and anywhere you turn a light on, will instantly reap the rewards of switching to LED lighting and it’s never, been easier to switch. Our clients come from all sectors and insist on solutions that reduce costs, improve performance and meet efficiency obligations and we’ve exceeded expectations every time.